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What's on my Mind as an incoming MiNDS student: September is Here!

Author: Patricia Al-Salom

Graduate school is finally HERE! Find out how I am adjusting to this new chapter in a new city!

Grad school is finally here!

I am both excited and nervous for this new change. I have officially moved into an apartment within a 10 minute drive from the university and have been checking out the campus and grocery stores nearby. I found out that Fortinos on Main Street by the University offers 10% off for students every Tuesday with a valid student ID! I have mastered a few crock-pot dishes for those long days on campus so that I have a meal ready when I get home. I definitely recommend purchasing one to both save money and eat healthier throughout the busy school year! 


Another way to save money and be healthy is to use the SoBi Bike Share. I found this program when casually walking around campus one day. SoBi Bike Share allows you to rent a bike to ride around campus with ease. There are over 110 SoBi hubs across Hamilton. My supervisor’s office is at the McMaster Innovation Park which is a 20 minute walk from campus, so these bikes will make for a much easier trip!    

Registration for classes is up and went pretty smoothly, thanks to the step-by-step “how to” tutorial provided by the registrar’s office. Remember to add the filler course SGS 700 (Research/Writing) if you are not taking any courses during a given semester - you need to do this in order to register properly. I am looking forward to the welcome week events for graduate students and meeting my cohort! I hope to especially see everyone at the Roller Skating by the Bay event on Thursday Sept 14th; it looks like a lot of fun!    

As always, please send me any suggestions or tips you have learned in graduate school that you would like to share with other students. My McMaster e-mail is now up and running so please contact me at:   

 - Patricia