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BrainWaves: The Neuroscience Graduate Program Newsletter

Conference Corner (June 2022)

Author: Nicolette Rigg

Presenting at conferences is a great way to reach a large audience, hear the latest research, network with experts in your field, strengthen your CV, and facilitate your future career. Here are some upcoming conferences that may be of interest to neuroscience graduate students. Be sure to take a look at the links below for the most up-to-date information about these and many more upcoming scientific meetings. 

ConferenceAbstract Submission DeadlineRegistration FeesLocationMeeting Dates
Society for Neuroscience Conference Past$145 submission fee (registration and membership fees extra)California, USANovember 12-16, 2022
Alzheimer's Association International ConferencePast$150-225 USDCalifornia, USAJuly 31-August 4, 2022
AI, Neuroscience, and Hardware: From Neural to Artificial Systems and Back Again (Nature Conference)July 23, 2022 $220-275 USDBonn, GermanySeptember 7-8, 2022
Interconnection between the Gut, Brain, and Microbiome for Metabolic DiseasePast $150 USD + $50 abstract submission feeColorado, USAOctober 7-10, 2022
September 5, 2022 NoneVirtualOctober 25-27, 2022
Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology & Therapeutics
 September 16, 2022$150New York, USA or VirtualNovember 30-December 3, 2022
Development and 3D Modeling of the Human Brain
 September 23, 2022$150New York, USA or VirtualDecember 7-10, 2022
 International Conference on Schizophrenia, Causes and TreatmentPast€300-400
London, UK or VirtualJuly 28-29, 2022
International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders
First Round: Past
Second Round: June 29, 2022
Final Round: October 4, 2022 
 $439-639 USDFlorida, USA or VirtualOctober 24-26, 2022
International Conference on Ageing, Psychology and Neuroscience
Toronto, ON or VirtualJuly 19-20, 2022
International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience and Toxicology
Past €300-400Montreal, QC or Virtual August 8-9, 2022
 International Conference on Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psychology Past €300-400 Montreal, QC or Virtual August 8-9, 2022
International Conference on Cognition, Neuroscience and Neurocomputing
 Past  €300-400 Montreal, QC or Virtual August 8-9, 2022
International Conference on Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience
Past €300-400Vancouver, BC or VirtualAugust 8-9, 2022
International Conference on Neurobioengineering, Systems Neuroscience and Neuroengineering
 Past €300-400Toronto, ON or Virtual September 20-21, 2022
World Congress of PsychiatryPast$120 USDBangkok, Thailand or VirtualAugust 3-6, 2022
 The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CACAP)Registration opens August 2, 2022 $175-550Toronto, ON or VirtualOctober 17-22, 2022 
American College of NeuropsychopharmacologyAugust 4, 2022None, but non-ACNP members must be invited to attend the meetingArizona, USADecember 4-7, 2022
Canadian Psychiatric AssociationPastNoneToronto, ONOctober 27-29, 2022
American Psychiatric Association September 1, 2022NoneCalifornia, USAMay 20-24, 2022

How to Optimize Attending to Get the Most out of your Virtual Conference Experience

Attending conferences can be a great way to share your work and gain valuable feedback and opportunities for new collaborations now and in the future. Although many conferences are now occurring in-person, many are still online or offer a hybrid model of virtual and in-person events. Here are some tips to make the most out of virtual conferences.
  • Apply for conferences you normally would not be able to attend
    • Italy, France, Brazil? Travelling to these places during graduate school can be difficult. However, with online conferences, you don’t need to pay for travel expenses, blurring borders and opening opportunities for networking and sharing your knowledge with the top of your field from around the world
  • Register for everything you are interested in and attend what you can
    • Many conferences record the talks and upload them later
    • Try watching the most important talks for your research and catch up on the rest when you have time
    • Go to the posters of experts whose work you admire, ask them questions, and get their contact information
  • Ask questions online in the chat
    • If you are someone who gets intimidated asking questions in person, virtual talks can be a great way to overcome that by being able to submit your questions in the chat
    • This can also be a great way to work up your bravery to ask questions during in-person conferences and lectures

Travel Grants

McMaster’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers travel awards worth up to $500 to travel for conference presentations. Students can apply through the AwardSpring tile in Mosaic. In addition, each conference usually has different internal and external funding opportunities, so be sure to check for conference-specific funding wherever you register to attend.

Check out these links to keep up on the latest conferences: 

If you know of any other conferences that other students may be interested in, please reach out to us!