BrainWaves: The Neuroscience Graduate Program Newsletter

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Welcome to BrainWaves: The Newsletter of the Neuroscience Graduate Program. This newsletter was developed to help Neuroscience students and faculty become more familiar with our program and the individuals that comprise it. In particular, we aim to:

1. Inform you of program processes, progress, and deadlines

2. Help you get to know our faculty and students, along with their work and interests

BrainWaves will be emailed to you every few months to provide you with summaries of recent program events, profile students and faculty, and highlight the very exciting work taking place in our program.

BrainWaves articles from each of our previous issues are always available on this platform, and can be accessed through the Program Corner, Hot Topics, MiNDS of our Students, and Faculty Profile tabs on this page. We encourage you to take a look through our older content, stretching back to our newsletter inception in 2015, to see how the Neuroscience Graduate Program has developed over the years!

As this is your newsletter, we hope that you will let us know how we’re doing, and if there is anything that we’re not providing with that you’d like to see. Of course, if anyone is interested in being profiled or having their work featured in the newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of the BrainWaves staff, we hope that you enjoy this newsletter as much as we enjoy putting it together!

Ryan Van Lieshout


Leanne Monteiro