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Hamilton's Culinary Gems

Author: Prabdeep Panesar

As a student at McMaster University, we know you’re always working hard studying, finishing assignments, uncovering interesting research results after working tirelessly on data analysis, and trying to stay active, all while maintaining a social life. Amidst your busy schedule, you, your body and brain deserve some nutritious and delicious food, however, finding a great place to eat can be a challenge. Whether you’re grabbing a quick and budget-friendly bite, enjoying a meal with friends, or looking for options based on your dietary-restrictions, Hamilton has it all. From fine dining spots for special occasions, to a quick late-night snack, or a cozy café to catch up on your work after you procrastinated for too long, there is something for everyone!

Check out some options below! Hopefully you discover some new hidden gems that you haven’t heard of before!

  NameDriving Distance from McMaster UniversityCost Per PersonDietary RestrictionWebsiteDescription
 Waffle To Go1.3 km$10-15Vegetarian options A place with incredible waffle treats to fulfill any sweet tooth.  They also have tasty shakes and mini pancakes, as well as savoury breakfast waffles to fulfill everyone’s needs.
 Old Bagel House2.5 km$10-15Vegetarian options If there is a bagel flavour in your mind, this place has it. From sesame, cinnamon raisin, pretzel, pumpernickel, coconut, garlic, jalapeno, and even chocolate chip, this place has something for everyone. They also provide endless bagel sandwiches and if you can’t find something you like, make a bagel sandwich from scratch! 
Chung Chun 1.2 km$10-15Vegetarian options for some comfort food? This is the place to go for some incredible Korean corn dogs with numerous options and endless sauces for you to choose from.  
Noodles and Dumplings5.8 km$10-20Vegetarian options  A wonderful place for fresh homemade dumplings with every flavour you could possibly imagine.
Delirious Burger Co.1.4 km$10-20NA incredible burger joint made with quality meat that will leave you wanting more.
 Mulberry Coffeehouse5.0 km$10-20Vegetarian and vegan options cozy and chill café with numerous drink choices and homemade baked goods as well as breakfast, lunch, soup, salad, toast, and sharable food options!
BAB Korean Food and BBQ7.3 km$10-30NA Anytime your craving Korean food, this is the place to go. The menu truly has a variety of food options to fulfill all your cravings including bibimbap, kalbi, tteokbokki, gamjatang, and lots more.
West End Diner2.3 km$15-30Vegetarian options cozy diner with options ranging from breakfast,  lunch, brunch, dinner, and dessert options. 
Democracy2.5 km$15-30Vegetarian and vegan options An industrial-style café which provides gourmet coffee and tea, as well as various lunch options including vegetarian/vegan options, snacks, and baked goods.
 India Village Ancaster6.8 km$20-30Vegetarian and Halal options authentic Indian restaurant with numerous options from snacks to meals, desserts and delicious drinks. You will definitely find something to fill your craving! Don’t worry too much about the spice, they will definitely take your heat preference into consideration.  
The Mule4.7 km$20-30Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options you’re craving some incredible tacos and baja wings, this is the place to go. With a wonderful atmosphere and tasty food, this place is a must-try.
Electric Diner4.6 km$20-30Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options Looking for a premier 80’s style diner? Well, look no further! This is the place for a variety of brunch and dinner options as well as endless drink options! During your visit don’t forget to Instagram a picture of yourself and your food with the incredible décor at this place!
Joya Sushi2.0 km$20-30Vegetarian options A tasty and cozy restaurant which serves Japanese and Korean staples from sushi to teriyaki, and bulgogi.
 Annalakshmi Hamilton1.8 km$20-30Vegetarian and vegan options beautiful place for authentic and delicious South Asian food with a variety of options ranging from idly, dosa, and numerous vada options.
 Valentinos Resturant Westdale2.3 km$20-30Vegetarian and vegan options wonderful and tasty Italian restaurant with a great atmosphere and a variety of pizza, pasta, and sandwich options!
Rise Above Pizza & Wings5.6 km$20-40Vegetarian and vegan options a creative and extensive menu, this restaurant has incredible options for everyone ranging from wings to pizzas, salads, wraps, and pasta – the options are truly endless.
Undefined4.7 km$30-40Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options If you’re looking for a unique meal with endless options, this is the place to go. With separate menus for lunch, brunch, dinner, and dessert they provide various cuisine options to fulfill all your cravings.
Berkeley North4.7 km$50-60 Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options Looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion? This might be it! This cozy restaurant carries some incredibly flavourful meals which will leave you wanting more!