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Take a look at our newest articles from our March 2024 issue.

What Was Graduate Life Like Before the Advent of Digital Technology?

"When I was in graduate school, there was no such thing as 'digital'." - Dr. Margaret Fahnestock

Healthcare Workers, Burnout, and Moral Injury: The Aftermath of COVID-19

Many recent reports suggest that during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals have already or plan to leave their profession in the coming years. There are two main reasons as to why this may be occurring: Burnout and Moral Injury.

Achieving Small Goals: Your Personalised Blueprint

Is there something you’ve been meaning to achieve, but you just can’t seem to get started? Together, right now, we are going to draft a blueprint for you to create a well-structured goal.

Writing Notes on Paper or Typing on a Laptop: Which is Better?

A prominent debate amongst students is whether to use laptops or the traditional pen and paper when it comes to taking notes. While many students prefer to use their laptops or tablets to compose notes, others hold strong with pen and paper. But which method is the best?

Faculty Profile: Dr. Iris Balodis, PhD

Dr. Iris Balodis, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at McMaster, as well as Associate Director of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research. We were able to sit down with her and ask her some burning questions.

Things to See and Do in Hamilton

This winter has been anything but ordinary, with its above-freezing conditions and reduced snowfall. The snow, or absence of snow thereof, makes it impossible to do much skiing or snowboarding locally; however, the opportunities to enjoy your winter and explore Hamilton are plentiful. 

Fostering Pets and Mental Health

Have you ever wanted an animal companion, whether that be a cat or a dog, but were nervous about the commitment and or expenses of having one? Do you think that an animal companion could positively impact your mental health? If so, then fostering may be the right thing for you!