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Out of Our MiNDS

Event at Sunrise of Burlington

AUTHOR: John Krzeczkowski   

It was the early morning of April 12th when the Out of Our Minds team gathered to run though the final points of our presentation in one of the most exciting and unique events in the history of our outreach program. As we practiced each of our sections, we reminded ourselves with our goals: simple principles, big on meaning, and themes. Needless to say, we were all very excited to share our passion and curiosity about neuroscience with the residents of Sunrise of Burlington senior living home.

  Upon arrival to Sunrise of Burlington, we were greeted with warm and welcoming smiles from everyone eager to learn a little more about the brain. We began our lesson with an overview of the organization of the brain. We discussed how people understand sight information using the back of the brain, and how planning and organizing takes place in the front. Everyone seemed particularly interested in Canadian Wilder Penfield’s discovery that people report sensations in different areas of the body depending on stimulating different areas of the brain. We also talked about how brain cells work together to communicate a message; this included a video demonstration of a cricket leg moving when stimulated by music. Finally, we discussed how to keep our brains healthy across the lifespan. We talked about the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise, and social interaction are fun ways to a healthy brain.

   Following the presentation and warm round of applause, we expected everyone to break for lunch. However, we were overjoyed to see that most of the group stayed to ask questions and continue the discussion. The Out of Our MiNDS team spread around the room to engage in lively conversations with the seniors. Our audience was so happy that we didn’t speak over them so that they could follow and understand our points, and they even asked when we would be coming back! Everyone from the Out of Our MiNDS team cherished the experience. We look forward to potentially returning to Sunrise of Burlington, and to the many other events in the future!

  If any MiNDS students interested in joining Out of Our MiNDS for our next exciting event, you are more than welcome! Just send an email to John ( or Simon (