BrainWaves: The Neuroscience Graduate Program Newsletter

AUTHOR: Dr. Ryan Van Lieshout

We are proud to say that our program is comprised of some of the brightest students and most dedicated faculty on the entire campus.

It is not surprising then that we regularly hear of instances where students or faculty go above and beyond the call of duty, doing somethi...

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AUTHOR: Steven Mancini

As I approached the 2.6 million-square-foot San Diego Conference Center, my excitement, curiosity and sympathetic nervous system activity increased with every step. Neuroscience 2016 was my first Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. Though I heard several anecdotes and...

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AUTHOR: Dr. Flávio Kapczinski

Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you all to the new term! I hope you all enjoyed your vacation time and are looking forward to a very productive year. As many of you already know, I am the new Director of the program and my main goal is to maintain the wonderfu...

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Author: Shawna Thompson

As a new school year begins, many MiNDS students will begin their role as Teaching Assistants (TAs). For many, this might be their first teaching experience, while others may be assigned to new courses to TA with different instructors and a batch of new students. We’ve pu...

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Author: Kathryn Reynolds

With the start of a new fall semester comes that busy time of year… scholarship season! A key component of any successful scholarship application is to prepare a compelling research proposal. The following tips will help you fine-tune your proposal-writing skills in prep...

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AUTHOR: Jasmine Turna

It’s the summer and even graduate students sometimes need a break to enjoy the amazing weather. Maybe you’ve recently moved to Hamilton or have lived here for quite some time. Fortunately for you, there are always exciting things happening, so get outside and explore what t...

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AUTHOR: Patricia Al-Salom

Hello Everyone! My name is Patricia Al-Salom, and I am a new graduate student entering the MiNDS program this coming September. I’m starting this little "blog-style" column to share with you my progress during my first year in graduate school and even try...

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AUTHOR: Crystal Mahadeo

This year marks the second annual memorial lecture in honour of Dr. Jack Diamond. Dr. Diamond was a world-renowned neuroscientist who graduated from University College London (UK) with both medical and doctoral (Physiology) degrees. He continued in research, obtaining a post-d...

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AUTHOR: Fiza Arshad

Hello everyone, my name is Fiza Arshad and I am a master's student in the laboratory of Dr. Iris Balodis. Over the past year, I have been working on a project in collaboration with Alcohol, Drugs & Gambling Services (ADGS) of the city of Hamilton. Our goal is to crea...

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AUTHOR: Ashley Bernardo

 Do No Harm is a novel by Dr. Henry Marsh, a world-renowned neurosurgeon. Each chapter recounts one of his surgical cases in detail, but this book isn’t full of your typical life-saving, miracle work, Hail Mary intervention stories. Dr. Henry Marsh describes the hard...

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