Program Corner

Don't be afraid to disconnect!

AUTHOR: Dr. Kathy Murphy 

A few weeks ago we packed up the car including Coco, bikes and beach stuff, and headed out for our annual trek to Florida. Since getting Coco we take lots of road trips. She happily rides in the backseat lounging on her bed with just the mild annoyance of wearing her doggie seatbelt.  It is a relaxing 2 day drive through middle America on our way to the Florida Panhandle beach.  Over the six years we have been taking this trip all of us have come to look forward to the drive.  We make sure the Sirius satellite radio is working well, turn off our phone (well actually just the cellular data), map out the Starbucks to stop at along the way, pack some goodies and head out.

I look forward to the drive so much because it is a time to disconnect and think.  April is a wonderful time of year to drive through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.  The woods along the interstates are highlighted with lovely pink, red and purple blossoms on a backdrop of new bright green leaves on the trees.  That serene landscape gives me time to let my mind relax.  There are no emails to answer, meetings to attend, or spreadsheets to fill in. Just us on the highway with the radio on.  Dave and I take this road trip as an opportunity to binge listen to the CBC and NPR.  We always hear interesting shows and interviews, ok, sometimes more than once, but they are the kind of shows that make you think and provoke discussion between Dave and I.  Including which station is better -- CBC or NPR?


This year the radio show that stuck with me was an episode of Terry O'Reilly's CBC Under the Influence.  He was talking about branding yourself, creating a CV, writing a cover letter, social media, the whole nine yards for how to present yourself in a professional way in 2016 (The Art of Personal Branding). I found it fascinating listening to how to develop a personal brand that captures who you are, it was not about hype or getting out there on social media. Instead the topics and information made me realize how simple choices, like the picture I use on the web, can impact what others think of me. The ideas he covered made me think about my own webpage and CV, including taking advantage of to chose the best pics for my websites.

If we had not been in the car on a long drive I probably would not have made the time to listen to Under the Influence.  And I certainly would not have thought about sharing that show with MiNDS students. 


So don't be afraid to jump in the car, disconnect, and turn on the CBC.  Who knows what show you'll hear that will make you think differently.